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Why do we snore?

When you sleep, your muscles relax. This relaxing of the muscles reduces the space in the airways and therefore limits the amount of air you breathe in…


ONIRIS®: How does it work?

ONIRIS® is an innovative and patented mandibular advancement device designed to provide maximum levels of comfort and efficacy. The device – similar to a mouthguard for sportsmen or a dental splint – gently retains your lower jaw in a forward position during sleep…

Mandibular advancement devices, is this treatment recognised by the medical community?

For several decades now, clinical studies have shown that mandibular repositioning devices are effective against snoring and sleep apnoea…


The only self-adjustable anti-snoring device proven to be effective

Lots of anti-snoring products make promises. ONIRIS® offers results.
The ONIRIS® device is the only self-adjustable anti-snoring device whose efficacy has been assessed and proven.

The efficacy and adaptability of a custom-made device… for a tenth of the price!

There are custom-made devices to treat snoring and sleep apnoea, in addition to self-adjustable devices such as Oniris. They are made at the unit, from your dental impression, taken by your dentist.

100 %
Snoring reduced
83 %
No more snoring
77 %
No more sleep apnoea
94 %

ONIRIS®, certainly the best anti-snoring device

Unique comfort to sleep peacefully
The best customised dental impression
An exceptional customised fitting
Unique freedom of movement
No promises, just clinical evidence
Unmatched clinical effectiveness
10 years’ experience in dental sleep medicine
Medical and totally safe design
FDA approved materials, BPA, latex and silicone free
Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
Oniris anti-snoring device

99£ less than 6£/month

For a use over 18 to 24 months

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ONIRIS – Class I medical device manufactured by ONIRIS SAS and indicated for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea – Read the instructions carefully before use – Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. This medical device is a regulated health product that bears, pursuant to these regulations, a CE marking.