Stop snoring and sleep apnoea

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Oniris®: finally, an effective snoring solution!
Already used by more than 300,000 people all over the world, ONIRIS® is a mandibular advancement device that will enable you to put an end to snoring and sleep apnoea.

More than 10 years of experience in a French laboratory

Laboratory specialising in custom-made oral devices.

A genuine custom-made impression

Precise adaptation to your mouth thanks to adjustment and a custom-made impression.

Save hundreds of pounds

On customised oral devices.

Normal behaviour at night

You can breathe and open your mouth normally during the night.

Clinically proven results

No promises. But clinically proven results.

Medical quality design

With certified materials (CE, FDA, BPA and silicone free, etc.).

Say goodbye to snoring!

Oniris® oral device

The causes

Where do snoring and sleep apnoea come from?

When you sleep, your muscles relax. This muscular relaxation causes the tongue to move backwards. The space at the airway (which allows the passage of air to the lungs) decreases…

The solution

ONIRIS®: how does it work?

Already used by more than 200,000 people throughout the world, ONIRIS® is a mandibular advancement device that stops snoring and sleep apnoea. It’s a small device – a bit like a sports mouthguard or a dental tray- that allows you to…

Mandibular advancement devices, a medically approved treatment?

For several decades, clinical studies have shown that certain mandibular advancement devices are effective against snoring…

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Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea and positional therapy

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder with many serious health consequences for those affected. Therefore, it must be diagnosed by a professional in order to evaluate its degree of severity and to be able to set up an adapted treatment.

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