Anti-snoring treatment with oral devices, an effective solution to stop snoring

Snoring affects nearly 7 in every 10 people. Snoring, in addition to affecting the quality of sleep, can have serious consequences on a sleeper’s life if they are in a couple. How to stop snoring? What are the treatments for snoring? Let’s talk about all possible solutions to combat snoring.

What treatment is effective against snoring?

The process to stop snoring is anything but a walk in the park: there are so many solutions, more or less effective, but people who snore often find it difficult to stop snoring. Do you not know how to treat snoring? First of all, we advise that you take care of your lifestyle; the cause of minor or occasional snoring often stems from several bad habits in everyday life. Among them, taking stimulants in the evening, eating too late or eating meals that are too large, going to bed late, etc. So take care of your lifestyle in order to prevent snoring. This doesn’t work? 

You can test out some natural remedies. In fact, phytotherapy and aromatherapy can be effective against very light, temporary snoring. However, they are not miracle cures and these techniques can be totally ineffective depending on the cause of your snoring. As a last resort, if your doctor requests it, you may undergo an operation to clear your airways to help you get a good night’s sleep. There is another solution, which is very effective and not very restrictive against snoring. That is, opting for a mandibular advancement device.

Opt for an effective treatment against snoring with the Oniris custom-made oral device

The mandibular advancement device has proven itself to be a particularly effective and inexpensive anti-snoring treatment compared to other solutions. The Oniris anti-snoring oral device is a tray to be placed on the teeth before going to bed. Simple to set up, it compensates for the narrowing of the airways during the night. It allows air to pass more easily by keeping the lower jaw and tongue in the right position while you sleep. This mouthguard is very effective, as it acts directly on the causes of snoring. It is recommended for patients suffering from snoring caused by various factors, such as sleep apnoea syndrome. Valid for an average of 12-24 months, the anti-snoring oral device is, as you can see, a solution with excellent results.

Say goodbye to snoring!

Oniris® oral device


4 good reasons to choose an anti-snoring oral device treatment

The Oniris oral device is a medical device with various benefits:

  1. It is immediately effective: unlike essential oils and certain anti-snoring devices, the tray acts from the very first night. It promotes the passage of air and allows the sleeper to breathe without the breathing being blocked in the nasal passages and pharynx.
  2. It avoids the need for an operation: the oral device is generally well tolerated by patients and is indicated as a first step before considering surgery. 
  3. It stops snoring: allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.  The person using this device will sleep better and quickly regain energy.
  4. Finally, it’s a relief for yourself, your spouse and everyone around you. Everybody can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

How can I stop snoring without medication? Steps to follow for effective treatment

The Oniris oral device is delivered as a kit. This consists of an upper and lower tray, to be connected with numbered connecting rods. It also contains a pattern to help you easily find the size of each connecting rod and a storage box. To fit your oral device: 

  1. Start the assembly by taking the number 0 rods located in the centre of the cluster.
  2. Align the closed part of the connecting rod with the pin of the lower tray.
  3. Repeat the operation on the other side and then attach the upper tray to the open part of the connecting rods.
  4. To thermoform the tray, place it in a bowl and fill it with boiling water.
  5. Wait about two minutes.
  6. Take the oral device out of the water and stand in front of a mirror.
  7. Insert the oral device into your mouth, position it correctly and then bite down for 2 minutes.
  8. The impression is taken.
  9. Remove the number 0 rods and replace them with the number 1 rods, starting with the bottom tray.
  10. If effectiveness is not achieved on the first night, use rods number 2, then number 3, etc. until you find the right fit for you.

Order this anti-snoring treatment now

You can order your Oniris oral device online. Would you like to take the plunge? All you have to do is choose the formula that suits you best: 

  • An oral device
  • A pack including an oral device and 2 months’ worth of maintenance tablets
  • A pack including two oral devices

As far as the price is concerned, Oniris oral devices are an accessible anti-snoring treatment and depending on the chosen formula, you can expect to pay between £99 to £179.All our anti-snoring devices are delivered quickly.

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