The first self-adapting anti-snoring device with proven effectiveness in France.

Effective from the very first night. 94% satisfaction.

How does the anti-snoring oral device work?

Why do we snore? And where does sleep apnoea come from?

When you sleep, your muscles relax. This muscular relaxation causes the tongue to move backwards. The space in the airways (which allow the passage of air to the lungs) decreases. And causes a decrease in the amount of air inhaled.

In order to continue to supply the lungs with oxygen (and avoid suffocation), the air flow is accelerated. This acceleration leads to the vibration of certain throat tissues (soft palate, uvula, tonsils, etc.), which are relaxed by sleep. This is what produces snoring.

Sometimes the pharynx is completely obstructed by the tongue and causes respiratory arrest. This is called sleep apnoea. It can last from 10 seconds to more than a minute and can be repeated several tens or hundreds of times a night; it is then called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS).

This is a sleep disorder that causes a drop in the oxygen level in the blood and many micro awakenings that you can’t remember. Sleep apnoea should NOT be taken lightly because it can lead to serious consequences (high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, depression, cardiovascular disease, fatigue and drowsiness, libido disorder, etc.) and cause premature death.

In the case of sleep apnoea, it is essential to consult a specialist doctor to carry out a sleep test to check the oral device.

An anti-snoring oral device, how does it work?

Already used by more than 200,000 people throughout the world, ONIRIS oral devices are mandibular advancement devices used to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea.

This is a small appliance – a bit like a sports mouthguard or a dental retainer- that gently holds your lower jaw in an advanced position while you sleep.

It thus keeps the air passage at the pharynx open and prevents the obstruction phenomenon that causes snoring and sleep apnoea*.

And the results prove it. With 94% satisfaction, ONIRIS® is the only self-adapting anti-snoring device whose effectiveness has been proven by several independent clinical studies in France.

*If you have or suspect to be suffering from sleep apnoea, it is essential to consult a specialist in order to carry out a controlled sleep examination both with and without the ONIRIS® oral device to objectively confirm the effectiveness of the treatment.

ONIRIS® puts an end to snoring!
With ONIRIS® air can circulate normally again.
Result: no more snoring!

Say goodbye to snoring!

Oniris® oral device


Mandibular advancement devices, a medically approved treatment?

For several decades, dozens of clinical studies have shown that mandibular advancement oral devices can be effective against snoring and sleep apnoea.

There are of course other treatments. Ventilation masks are effective but restrictive and are reserved only for severe cases of sleep apnoea. Surgery can be effective, but it is expensive, comes with risks and does not guarantee results even though it is definitive. Nasal dilators can help some snorers if nasal breathing is limited, but this is not the main cause of snoring. Throat sprays or lozenges usually do not work for more than a few minutes and only on very light snoring.

This is the reason why certain mandibular advancement devices are generally recommended as the first treatment against snoring and sleep apnoea1 by the American, European, Japanese academies of sleep medicine.

Please note! Not all anti-snoring trays and oral devices are the same.

Today the scientific community agrees that custom-made oral devices are the most effective and comfortable. In France, only three manufacturers of custom-made oral devices have been validated by the French National Authority for Health, and we are one of them.

The ONIRIS oral device is the only thermoformed oral device whose results are equivalent to custom-made models. And this has been proven by a high level of evidence (controlled-randomised) study on both effectiveness and tolerance (long-term dental and joint impact).2

The numerous clinical studies available show that there is a great deal of heterogeneity, from the ready-to-use non-adjustable oral devices to the adjustable, articulated custom-made oral devices that are adapted to the user’s teeth.

However, these studies show that some oral devices do not work at all and are therefore not recommended. They are ineffective, uncomfortable or can lead to significant dental problems in the long term. While others such as ONIRIS or custom-made dental devices offer very good effectiveness, are comfortable and safe in the long term.   

It is therefore impossible to make a generalisation and this is why specific clinical studies are so important.

Before choosing an oral device model, it is essential to check that it has been subject to reliable and serious clinical studies that confirm its long-term effectiveness and comfort.

1 In the case of mild to moderate sleep apnoea. In case of severe sleep apnoea, mandibular advancement devices are recommended if the positive pressure ventilation machine has been refused or abandoned. In case of sleep apnoea, ask your doctor for advice.

2 Pépin JL, Raymond N, Lacaze O, et al Heat-moulded versus custom-made mandibular advancement devices for obstructive sleep apnoea: a randomised non-inferiority trial Thorax 2019;74:667-674.

Oniris: effectiveness and comfort comparable to custom-made oral devices

As we have just seen, the mandibular advancement devices are, along with the ventilation mask, one of the two most effective and recognised treatments against snoring and sleep apnoea.

There are two types: custom-made oral devices, made individually from your dental impression taken by your dentist. And self-adjusting oral devices, such as Oniris.

Custom-made oral devices are very effective and comfortable in the long term. They fit precisely and last for several years. Our laboratory has specialised in their design for more than 10 years and has received approval from the French National Authority for Health for the TALI custom-made oral device.

The problem is that custom-made oral devices are very expensive: over £1,000! And they require the intervention of a trained dentist and several adjustment appointments, which can lead to several months of waiting.  Finally, studies show that among patients with severe sleep apnoea, about 30% will not respond to treatment. In other words, after months of waiting, several days off work and return trips to attend appointments, and sometimes several hundred pounds invested, these patients find that all this has been for nothing because the treatment is ineffective.

This is why, based on our expertise, we have designed Oniris: a self-adapting oral device, made in France, quickly accessible to everyone, but with an effectiveness and comfort level equivalent to custom-made oral devices.

Please note that not all self-adjusting oral devices are the same. Some do not allow you to open your mouth during the night. While others do not adapt to your dental impression or do not allow you to adjust the advancement. This makes them ineffective or uncomfortable to wear. And, perhaps to prevent this from becoming known, they never communicate the data from clinical studies.

This is not the case with ONIRIS®!

Thanks to our patented technologies, millimetre-precise adjustment and a genuine custom-made dental impression, the Oniris oral device adapts precisely to your mouth, gives you real freedom of movement and offers a level of comfort and effectiveness comparable to a custom-made oral device for a tenth of the price.

Thanks to ONIRIS® you will finally be able to:

ONIRIS – Class I medical device manufactured by ONIRIS SAS and indicated in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea – Read the leaflet carefully before use – Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. This medical device is a regulated health product which, under these regulations, bears the CE mark.

Say goodbye to snoring!

Oniris® oral device

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