94% satisfaction. Proven results.

ONIRIS®, certainly the best anti-snoring device


ONIRIS® is an innovative and patented mandibular advancement device designed to provide maximum levels of comfort and efficacy.

The device – similar to a mouthguard for sportsmen or a dental splint – gently retains your lower jaw in a forward position during sleep.

It therefore allows air to pass freely through the pharynx and prevents the obstructions that cause snoring and sleep apnoea Numerous clinical studies have shown that this technique works. ONIRIS® is the only solution to offer patients a customised fitting and total freedom of movement for a comfortable and effective adjustment.

The result: a truly effective solution for snoring and sleep apnoea. And enjoy once again comfortable and peaceful sleep.

By reducing your level of tiredness, the ONIRIS® device also helps raise your awareness of sleep apnoea problems.

*In case of actual or suspected sleep apnoea it is essential to consult a specialist to perform a sleep check examination with and without the ONIRIS® device to objectively confirm the effectiveness of treatment.


Thanks to ONIRIS® you can finally

Stop snoring over the long term
Treat your sleep apnoea
Improve your health by reducing the impacts of snoring and sleep apnoea
Sleep better and enjoy refreshing sleep
Improve your vitality and feel less tired
Enjoy feeling better and improve your quality of life
No more arguments with your partner or family due to your snoring

The only self-adjustable anti-snoring device proven to be effective

Lots of anti-snoring products make promises. ONIRIS® offers results.

The ONIRIS® device is the only self-adjustable anti-snoring device whose efficacy has been assessed and proven in hospitals and clinics by sleep and ENT specialists, which also offers freedom of movement.

This reliable and serious clinical study has been conducted, in particular within the AP-HP (Public Assistance-Paris Hospitals), controlled by an independent laboratory from a protocol approved by the French Health Products Safety Agency Committee [AFSSAPS], the Ethics Committee South Med IV, the French Advisory Committee on Information Processing in Material Research in the Field of Health (CCTIRS) and the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).

Benefits of ONIRIS®:

94% of users satisfied *
Snoring reduced in 100% of users *
No more snoring in 83% of users *
No more tiredness in 95% of users *
No more sleep apnoea in 77% of users *
Comfort and compliance in 97% of users *

* Prospective, open-label, uncontrolled and multi-centric study conducted at the AP-HP (Paris public hospital system) whose main aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of an ONIRIS thermoformed mandibular advancement device in 41 patients suffering from snoring and severe sleep apnoea syndrome, who have refused or abandoned a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment. Patients were monitored for 45 to 60 days, evaluated by an independent laboratory using a protocol validated by the AFSSAPS [French Agency for the Safety of Health Products], the Patient Protection Committee of SUD Med IV, the CCTIRS (Comité consultatif sur le traitement de l’information en matière de recherche dans le domaine de la santé) and the CNIL (French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Commission)

Why snoring can be more serious than you thought


Everyone is familiar with snoring. It is extremely embarrassing for you, your partner and those around you.

But there is something, much less known and much more dangerous, of which snoring is often a sign: obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

It is a partial or total obstruction of the passage of air in the pharynx during the night.

Specifically, your breathing is blocked for 10 seconds or more (as if you held it in). And this can be repeated dozens or hundreds of times per night. This causes micro-awakenings. And a drop in the oxygen rate in the blood.

You sometimes feel intense fatigue. The accumulation of which becomes dangerous (particularly when driving). But this is not all: high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, depression and libido problems, etc. The consequences can be very serious and cause premature death.

The problem is that sleep apnoea is under-diagnosed. According to the sleep report by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity (2006), 85% to 90% of patients are NOT treated. And therefore, unaware that they are suffering!

If you are suffering from sleep apnoea, it is important that you should consult a specialist doctor.

The consequences of sleep apnoea in figures

Risk of high blood pressure multiplied by 5, and 40% of people with high blood pressure suffer from apnoea
Risk of coronary heart disease multiplied by 5
Risk of atrial fibrillation multiplied by 4
Risk of ventricular tachycardia multiplied by 3
Risk of stroke increased by 60%, and 60% of people affected suffer from sleep apnoea
Cancer risk multiplied by 4.8 in severe cases
Risk of type 2 diabetes, twice as frequent among snorers and 4 times more among those with sleep apnoea
Risk of Alzheimer’s disease which appears 10 years earlier among snorers and those with sleep apnoea
Risk of depression multiplied by 1.6 to 2.6 depending on the severity of the apnoea
Risk of road traffic accidents and in the workplace multiplied by 5 in the case of apnoea because of a decrease in vigilance linked to a lack of sleep.

Act and breathe normally during the night

Thanks to its patented technology, ONIRIS® allows you to retain genuine freedom of movement during the night:

  • You can open your mouth and talk normally without feeling any sense of discomfort.
  • You can breathe normally throughout the night, even if you have a cold.

Which is not the case for many other devices on the market that completely or partially prevent the opening and breathing through the mouth. Which, in addition to being very uncomfortable, makes them completely unusable if you have a blocked nose.


With ONIRIS®, you can :

Breathe normally even if you have a cold
Talk, open your mouth and retain a natural ease during the night
Wear the device throughout the night without feeling any discomfort
Act normally, without being embarrassed while you sleep

No risk of dropping the device in your sleep

Between the times when you open the mouth and the unconscious movements of your jaw during your sleep, there is the risk of losing your device during the night. Which can wake you up and/or restart the snoring (as you are no longer wearing the device).

And that is what happens with a lot of traditional devices!

That is why ONIRIS® has been designed to support these natural movements. Consequence: no risk of losing Oniris during the night. No sudden awakening. And effective anti-snoring which lasts the whole night.

ONIRIS® guarantees :

Effectiveness throughout the night, thanks to a device which stays in place
Maximum comfort as proven by numerous studies
Prevention of joint problems.
Quick and easy adjustment, without feeling discomfort

99£ less than 6£/month

For a use over 18 to 24 months

Payment totally protected by the 128-byte SSL security programme

ONIRIS® perfectly fits your mouth..

Many clinical studies have demonstrated this. To be efficient and comfortable, an anti-snoring must be adjusted to each user’s teeth.

Pressure is distributed across all the teeth, which prevents it from moving and causing toothache, meaning the device stays in place all night long (and therefore remains effective).

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many devices on the market.

ONIRIS® is the only ready to wear anti-snoring device that fits perfectly in your mouth with a dental impression actually custom-made while offering true freedom of movement.

ONIRIS® is thermoformable. This means that the materials used will fit your teeth perfectly when taking the dental impression. No worries. Everything is very simple, risk-free and explained in the leaflet. It only takes a few minutes.

And above all, the operation is repeatable! This means that if you have made a mistake or you get a new dental device, bridge, etc. and your dental impression has changed, there is no need to buy a new anti-snoring device. With ONIRIS®, you just need to make another impression!

With ONIRIS®, the quality of “the dental impression” is equivalent to custom-made devices made in a laboratory. And which cost several hundreds or thousands of euros.

And especially, in contrast to the latter and other anti-snoring devices, the fit is very simple and can be repeated!

ONIRIS® now also routinely comes in two sizes (standard and small) for the same price! You just need to try both sizes and choose the one that is most comfortable for you. So you get a better fit and excellent comfort.

Why is the ONIRIS® custom-made impression so important:

Fits perfectly in your mouth and your teeth
Recognised for providing comfort and optimum efficiency
No dental pain and movements as it distributes the pressure across all teeth
The process is quick and simple. In just a few minutes.
No risk of error. The taking of an impression can be easily re-done.
Provided in 2 sizes (standard and small) to better fit your mouth

…to the nearest millimetre!

For the same reason that there are several shoe sizes, ONIRIS® is the only thermoformable anti-snoring device that permits you to personalise your mandibular advancement from 0 to 15 mm with a 1 mm accuracy. While maintaining real freedom of movement.

This may seem a little technical, but in fact, it is one of the recognised and recommended criteria (by the European Sleep and Research Society) to ensure the effectiveness and comfort of a device. If the advancement is not adjustable, it doesn’t fit in your mouth and you will not be able to wear it. If the adjustment is insufficient, it reduces the effectiveness on snoring. And if the adjustment is too much, it can be uncomfortable. That is why due to its patented system, Oniris allows a perfect fit to your jaw and your mouth. The device has a simple, quick and easily re-adjustable adjustment system.

optimal comfort

Why is the ONIRIS® custom-made adjustment so important:

One of the recognised criteria to ensure the comfort and efficiency of a device
Recommended by European, Japanese and American Sleep and Research Societies, etc.
A millimetre accuracy for a perfect fit to your mouth and your teeth
Provides maximum efficacy against snoring, as proven by numerous studies
Easy adjustment with clear information on the level of advancement
No risk of error, re-adjustable and can be easily re-done if necessary

The efficacy and adaptability of a custom-made device… for a tenth of the price!

There are custom-made devices to treat snoring and sleep apnoea, in addition to self-adjustable devices such as Oniris. They are made at the unit, from your dental impression, taken by your dentist.

Custom-made devices are very efficient and comfortable in the long term. We can assure you, our laboratory has specialised in their design for more than 10 years and has received approval from the French Health Authority.

The problem is that custom-made devices are very expensive! the manufacture and visit to your dental specialist costs between €600 and €1000.

An amount which is only partially reimbursed (approximately €300) and only if you have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea.

Which is why we wanted to design a self-adjustable device using our expertise to combat snoring and sleep apnoea which is accessible to all, but with an efficiency and a comfort equivalent to a custom-made device. To enable you to save hundreds of euros for comparable results.

Proven efficiency, equivalent to custom-made devices
An impression and adjustment of an equivalent precision to custom-made devices
Save hundreds or thousands of euros compared to the costs of a custom-made device
A fit and a comfort similar to a custom-made device

99£ less than 6£/month

For a use over 18 to 24 months

Payment totally protected by the 128-byte SSL security programme

Oniris, the result of 10 years of expertise

ONIRIS® was developed by a French laboratory with more than 10 years’ experience in the design of custom-made devices for snoring and sleep apnoea, approved by the French Health Authority.

This expertise, as well as regular work with thousands of healthcare professionals (dentists, ENT specialists, pulmonologists, pharmacists etc.) have enabled us to take the best custom-made devices that we make in the laboratory and improve them to develop ONIRIS®, without doubt the best mandibular advancement device for snoring or sleep apnoea.

Today with more than 50,000 patients supplied with the ONIRIS® device, our laboratory is positioned as a leader in dental sleep medicine.

Designed by a French laboratory specialising in custom-made devices for over 10 years
Already more than 50,000 users!
An on-going collaboration with more than 2000 health professionals
A leading laboratory in dental sleep medicine

A French design of medical quality

Unlike other products on the market, the ONIRIS® device is made in accordance with the international medical quality standard ISO13485.

This means that its manufacturing process has been validated by an independent body, which certifies the safety and quality of medical products.

Furthermore, unlike many other anti-snoring devices, it has been designed using flexible CE certified biomedical materials also validated by the FDA in the US, and is BPA, latex and silicone free, to offer maximum long-term safety. Therefore, there is no risk of allergy or unpleasant feeling from using it.

Medical level manufacturing process certified by an independent body
Flexible, medical quality materials. FDA and CE certified.
Guaranteed BPA, latex, silicone and metal free.

99£ less than 6£/month

For a use over 18 to 24 months

Payment totally protected by the 128-byte SSL security programme

ONIRIS®, certainly the best anti-snoring device

Unique comfort to sleep peacefully
The best customised dental impression
An exceptional customised fitting
Unique freedom of movement
No promises, just clinical evidence
Unmatched clinical effectiveness
10 years’ experience in dental sleep medicine
Medical and totally safe design
FDA approved materials, BPA, latex and silicone free
Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
Oniris anti-snoring device

ONIRIS – Class I medical device manufactured by ONIRIS SAS and indicated for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea – Read the instructions carefully before use – Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. This medical device is a regulated health product that bears, pursuant to these regulations, a CE marking.